8 Best Tents for Camping With Your Family in 2022

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Camping with your family can be a great way to get outdoors. That’s why it’s important to have the right camping gear, like the best family camping tents to keep everyone comfortable. Your little ones will be sure to remember nights of stargazing or toasting marshmallows around the campfire. But camping with kids can also be challenging—you have to deal with weather, bugs, and bad moods. A good camping tent can elevate your family’s camping experience. Tents provide privacy, room to hang out to play cards or watch movies, and most importantly, protection from cold, wind, and rain while you settle down in your sleeping bag.

Pomoly stove hot tent 20220601

If you’re trying to introduce your kids to camping and connecting to the outdoors, your tent can make or break the experience. You’ll likely need more than a three-person tent to have enough room for everyone. This list of the best family tents for camping features tents in an array of styles from outdoor brands like Pomoly, FireHiking, and Onetigris so you can find the right tent for your next weekend getaway.

Quick views:

  • Pomoly HEX Plus
  • OneTigris Iron Wall
  • Russian Bear Hot Tent
  • White Duck Regatta Canvas Bell
  • Playdo Canvas Bell
  • Dream House Canvas Tent
  • Wintent 4-Season Teepee
  • Danchel Outdoor Canvas Wall Tent

Pomoly HEX Plus


HEX-Plus-Camping-Hot-Tent-with-Wood-Stove-Jack 20220601


If you’re looking for a toasty teepee, look no further! The Pomoly is made with coated Oxford cloth that insulates heat. It’s durable in rain, making it a great portable 1-3 camper sauna sanctuary!

Although it doesn’t feature windows, there is decent ventilation. Roof vents allow heat to escape. Additionally, you can remove the cap to keep air circulating.

Without a stove, there’s room for the whole family in there! 2 adults, 2 kids, and a dog have found comfort in the Pomoly. It has double doors to open it up as a shade tent.

The Pomoly is uniquely light for its larger sleeping capacity at 13.7lbs.


Durable Oxford material increases waterproofing and heat insulation so you stay warm and dry

Lightweight for easy portability

Spacious compared to other similar models

Vents and moveable cap design to modify the airflow as you wish


No windows

OneTigris Iron Wall

IRON WALL 20220601


Sometimes you just wanna go out in the thick forest. If you’re backpacking, and every little ounce matters, the OneTigris Iron Wall is the stove jack tent for you.

Though you probably won’t be bringing a stove when backpacking, (unless you are) it’s nice to have both options for different trips.

This is the upgraded version of the OneTigris Ultralight. While slightly heavier at 4.2lbs, the newer version works out some of the kinks. The previous version has some negative reviews on the durability of its fabric.

The Nylon of the Iron Wall fabric is well coated, increasing its durability. Hence the name of Iron Wall. It packs up a little large for some roamers, but a good stuff bag would remedy this.

The iron wall will keep you warm and dry in storms, with reviewers praising the shelter in -2 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a robust inner seam tape that increases the waterproofing value. The 5.25’ aluminum center pole has stood against 55mph winds.


Quality zippers for longevity

Wind and waterproof – has stood up well in heavy weather

Breathable – vents on the roof create airflow and reduce condensation

Adjustable stake loops make it easy to setup on rough terrain

No groundsheet to prevent wood stove mess

Bottom ventilation creates airflow while still retaining heat

Partial inner mesh screen room -to stay dry and keep bugs out


May leak slightly around stove jack in heavy rain – you may want to treat the seams here

Doesn’t come with poles – you can either hang it or buy them separate

Russian Bear Hot Tent

Russian-Bear-Hot-Tent-with-Stove-Jack 20220601

This unique popup tent is made by a reliable manufacturer. The option to create multiple rooms gives it a cozy feel while providing the space you need for a luxurious setup.

Once you lay down the groundcover, this tent pops up easily. No need to feed poles through on this one. It takes about 15 minutes to set up including the fireplace, and another 5 to get it nice and warm inside.

With 4.4M (14.4’) of space, it’s a great tent for 3-4 people. With a woodstove and gear, this would be a comfortable and fire safe fit.

It has a triple layer door for added insulation. The double wall also helps retain heat. There are 4 windows with reinforced zippers to keep it draft free.

The 3-layer floor is designed for cold climates. You could take it on snow or ice without losing heat through the cold ground.

It comes with a divider for the option of 2 separate rooms. Thus you can create privacy. Alternatively, one side could be the dining room while the other is the bedroom.

The stovejack is made with fire resistant material. For added safety, it’s reinforced with a stainless steel ring.

The woodstove is made with ceramic glass. This will help emit heat, making this an excellent sauna or solace on cold camping trips. Also, the stove creates warm lighting to brighten up the place.

Best for: Small groups and families looking for a warm and spacious sauna, ice house, or camouflage base camp; $$$


Quality multi-layered Oxford material is durable and retains heat well

Pops up for easy setup

Spacious for big families or furniture

Wood Stove emits heat well and gives off mood lighting

Reinforced windows give you the option of airflow or insulation


On the pricier side


White Duck Regatta Canvas Bell

White Duck Regatta Canvas Bell 2022601

You could keep this tent out in the rain for months without a single drop sneaking through. The quality of the Regatta’s canvas will keep you dry and warm.

Satisfied customers have written glowing reviews, feeling quality from the moment of unboxing. The durable material and the zippers have received praise.

It’s built with a stove jack opening for in-tent cooking and heating. Equally important, it’s made with fire retardant material to stay warm safely. One reviewee mentions having hours of damage-free woodburning with the stove pipe glowing red.

Additionally, it has a cable outlet so you can charge your phone, laptop, or string lights. The glamping possibilities are endless.

This design doesn’t have an A-frame door, so a pole splits the view out the doorway.

The 3m tent sleeps 4 people. People have put a full bed, mini fridge, dresser, gaming chair, and closet rod in here without feeling cramped. Another buyer had a wood stove and cots for 2, with 2 dogs sleeping happily.

The description reads as having ample comfortable standing space. However, a review mentions that there’s not much standing room unless you’re in the center.

The door and windows are mesh with a canvas cover. There are 2 windows and 4 roof vents for proper airflow.

The product description doesn’t mention PVC ground sheet. One buyer added blankets to protect from furniture punctures. However, another mentions the floor is made with the heaviest tarp material they’ve ever seen.

Many reviews mention they were surprised by the simple set-up and take down. It’s 51 lbs and takes about 30 minutes for one person to set-up. There are many stakes, but only 2 poles.


Sealed seams

Waterproof double stitched zippers – an important feature as zipper teeth can let water through

Fireproof material and Stove jack – for that safe and warm feel

Electrical outlet for feeding cables through without letting in bugs or rain

Easy set-up

Thick, durable zippers

Durable galvanized steel pole stands strong in storms

D-ring on poles to hang lanterns

Includes waterproof storage bag

Gear storage – includes 2 large stowage pockets


Sewn-in ground sheet can’t be rolled up, but this improves water insulation

Pole splits view out the door

Tall people may have less standing room

Best for: Groups looking for a quality canvas tent to stay warm and dry in; $$

Playdo Canvas Bell


Playdo Canvas Bell 20220601


Best for: Group campers seeking a quality canvas tent on a budget; $$$

This Playdo canvas tent will cost you a fraction of the price of some, while maintaining water and fireproofing quality.

This durable canvas tent comes in sizes ranging from 3-5M (9.8-16.4’).

The 3M is perfect for a couple and a stove. The 4M could house 3-4 with some storage space. One or two would provide ample space for luxuries and a stove. 5M is great for 5 people with a stove or 4 people without a stove.

Reviews mention easy setup. This can range from 20-40 minutes, depending on your familiarity with the tent.

The treated canvas and taped seams ensure you’ll stay dry in your small home. This tent has withstood some heavy winds and rain without a leak. Try a Texas thunderstorm in 45mph winds!

The only drawback is the stakes are a little short for high winds. You can always buy longer stakes that will stay put. Also, the guy lines may require tightening.

The sides roll up and the groundsheet is removable. Thus, you can air your tent out and make it into an open air shade tent. Also, the removable groundsheet is useful for if the fire gets messy.


Good budget option

Quality canvas ensures longevity

Treated waterproof canvas and sealed tape seam keeps you dry

Durable against high winds

Power cable inlet allows for AC, device charging, lighting, etc.

Top screen vents for breathability

Mesh windows for breeze and a view

Easy setup


Sticky zipper

Slippery nylon guy lines may require tightening

Inside of canvas may get damp in flash floods

Dream House Canvas Tent

Dream-House-Outdoor-Waterproof-Camping 20220601

Best for: Families and party people on a budget; $$

Are you seeking the glamping experience on a budget? This tent delivers all that, with the durability to keep you warm andThe Dream House has a high waterproof rating. Thus it will hold almost 12” of water before a single drop leaks through. It has stood the test of heavy wind and rain!

The 5 meter sleeps 4-5 people comfortably, with room to spare. The 6 meter is a good space for 5-6 people. It’s always good to have more room than you need for stuff, walkways, and dance parties.

The groundsheet is connected to the walls with zippers. You can remove the groundsheet, for ease of cleaning. Meanwhile loops will hold up the side walls if you really want to air it out.

Although the tent is waterproof, it is not fireproof. Albeit an oversight on their end, you could fireproof it yourself. You can find fire retardant spray on Amazon.

The description does not mention weight but it’s reviewed as a heavy load to carry. Be that as it may, this speaks to the durability of this tent. The 38mm galvanized steel center pole holds up against strong winds.

This tent is well ventilated with four mesh windows. A canvas flap zips around for privacy and warmth.


Budget canvas option

Waterproof treated to keep you dry

Great ventilation for breathability

Removable ground sheet for easy cleanup

Sealed Seams for improved waterproofing0

Heavy duty groundsheet protects against tears and groundwater seepage

Strong center pole stands against 30mph winds

Anti UV guy lines won’t weaken with sun exposure


Heavy for hike-in sites

Not fireproof – Stove Jack could still be used for extension cords for phone charging, lighting, etc.

Stovejack on the side wall – you need an elbow chimney which are a bit bulkier

Wintent 4-Season Teepee

Wintent 4-Season Teepee 20220601

Best for: Campers looking for a warm, long lasting teepee tent; $

Are you looking for that teepee feel? Dating back to its original indigenous people’s roots, this is a traditional style to have a wood burning stove in.

At almost 19lbs (8kgs), it’s lighter than a canvas tent while maintaining the quality of material. It’s the most spacious of the teepee tents we’ve reviewed. Therefore, this tent is the happy medium between these styles.

With its thick Oxford material, it retains heat well. One review mentions it worked well as a sauna.

Reviewers mention its spaciousness and ample headroom, at 7.8’ tall. With an 11.2’ diameter, you could easily sleep 3 people. But even without a stove, 4 would be a snug fit.

It features 2 doors, for easier access and feng shui around the stove. It comes with an optional inner mesh for bug protection and dry ground. You can choose either the half size mesh to sleep 1-2 people or full size to fit around the whole tent.

A review mentions the instructions are difficult to understand. They recommend lightly staking the floor down first. Then stake the center pole to line up correctly.

Overall, the Wintent makes a great first big teepee tent.


Quality Oxford material retains heat well

Durable zipper for longevity

Thick center pole holds up against wind

Taped seams for extra waterproof seal

Lightweight for easier hike-in

Inner mesh for bug free sleeping and ground cover – removable for bare ground / increased fire safety


Tricky setup – but gets easier as you go

Danchel Outdoor Canvas Wall Tent

Danchel Outdoor Canvas Wall Tent 20220601

Best for: Canvas tent glampers that like to cook; $$

This versatile and affordable tent offers you options you may not have thought of.

This tent comes in a wide array of sizes ranging from 10-20’ (3-6M). For a spacious setup, allow 1M per person, and an additional meter for the fire burning stove. Think about your individual preferences, like furniture, gear, and open space.

This outdoor home comes with two stove jacks. While one camper cooks dinner, the others can keep warm around the other stove. You can also buy this tent with a large 10×13 awning porch for shady hangout times.

Fiberglass fabric is placed around the stove hole. Some reviewers have found this well intended safety feature to cause more problems than it solves. There may be some singeing of the fabric.

The raised tub-style groundcover provides extra protection against groundwater seepage. You can roll up the walls to make it into a cabana style hut for summer breeze or beach shade.

The waterproof rating of this tent isn’t quite as high as some others. However, reviews confirm that it has kept them dry, even in Alaska. Just make sure the windows are shut.

You’ll get plenty of airflow, with four mesh windows and four roof vents. Feel the breeze and get a sweet view.This is a quality tent for the price.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll save $300-$500 with this option over other stovejack tents.


Raised bathtub treated groundsheet to prevent groundwater leaking in

Two stove jacks expand the possibilities

Well ventilated for breathability

Four windows give you a view of your campsite

Optional: Large awning for outdoor rain covering


Zipper may get snagged, use two hands

The center pole may penetrate the roof with prolonged usage

Fiberglass around stovejack may singe

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