Kapila Stove K-P6 Titanium Stove Shopping Review

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Kapila Stove review

A customer from Facebook group:

My first impression of this K-P6 kapila titanium stove is very good. The price is acceptable. The super light weight fully meets my needs for hiking camping. The glass on the front door allows me to observe the firewood inside the stove.
Soon I was glad to place an order. But when I knew that this product was sent from China, I was a little hesitant. Although I don’t think all Chinese products are of low quality, if the same products are much lower than the market price, I think it is a dangerous signal of low quality.
After receiving the package, I turned on the stove. I saw a lot of finger prints on the stove. I could even tell which one was the fingerprint of thumbs. The side wall of the stove can be folded. The screw of one wall is too tight, which makes it difficult for me to fold it. I tried to contact Kapila stove customer service, but I didn’t receive a reply for 6 days. I’m already a little angry. I hate product problems and can’t contact customer support. Because in this case, I can’t even return and refund.
Update. After the stove burns, the deformation is very serious. There are some small gaps and holes at the connection between the side wall and the base. These gaps lead to smoke leakage from the stove. A very disappointed shopping.

Kapila Stove review

Kapila Stove review

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