LiteOutdoors Titanium Wood Stove Review

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LiteOutdoors Titanium Stove

A review of LiteOutdoors Titanium Wood Stove. Introduce the assembly process and experience of this tent stove.


LiteOutdoors Titanium Wood Stove Review Video

LiteOutdoors Titanium Wood Stove Review Video

This titanium tent stove weighs only 2.5lbs, which is the lightest tent stove I have ever seen.

This tent stove can be assembled and disassembled, but the process takes a long time.

I don’t think you will take the time to assemble it in the cold winter.

This tent stove has no glass windows


I had purchased one of these units and have had several issues with one winter of use. the stove body is so easily damaged that it needs a PVC case to protect it. the door latch is so small that its impossible to not burn yourself operating it. it is extremely easy to overheat this stove, after one winter of regular use the stove section has gotten very brittle and hard and warped heavily. I have since purchased a heavier duty unit that’s well worth the extra weight. ( – the dude )

Good idea but flawed and also not practical at all! in very cold weather where I’m sure is when this stove will be used, the limited dexterity in your fingers would make assembly of this stove difficult. Also, my OCD could not deal with dents and ripples. Also no place for a cook pot or kettle! ( – Bushcrafty Ste )