Seek Outside Titanium Wood Stove

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Seek Outside Titanium woo stove

Seek Outside Titanium Wood Stove

Seek Outside tent wood stove is a titanium tent stove. We introduce the advantages and disadvantages of tent stoves. What kind of consumer group is this tent stove suitable.

Tent stove Introduction

This is a titanium tent stove from Seek Outside.
This tent stove is only 3.125lb, which is very lightweight.
Suitable for camping type: hiking and camping.
Suitable for the crowd: camping enthusiasts who like hiking and camping
Disadvantages: Although this tent stove is very light, it is not very stable and not strong enough.
This is a spliced ​​tent stove.
Weight: 3.125lb
Material: Titanium
Size:8″ x 8″ x 14″
Pipe length: 7.5′
Tent stoove with glass window: NO
Folding: YES


Tent wood stove photos