Hot Tent Camping Tips for Cold Weather

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Pomoly HEX Tipi Hot Tent with Stove Jack

Hot Tent Camping Tips

Weather forecast

  1. Please watch the weather forecast before departure to check the weather conditions in the last period of time.
  2. Always pay attention to the weather in winter.43 Tips for Hot Tent Camping in The Cold Winter (5)



  1. Choose a safe location for the camp, and don’t build camps in avalanche-prone areas.
  2. Choose a place where the camp is leeward. I think you don’t want your hot tent to be blown down.
  3. Before setting up the tipi hot tent, clear the snow on the campsite.
  4. The camp faces the sun, and the body temperature can be raised quickly when the sun rises.
  5. Do not build camps under dangerous trees.


Hot Tent Camping Equipment

  1. To protect hands, feet, and head, remember to wear gloves, socks, and hats. This will keep you warmer.
  2. Hand warmers are important items for heating during winter camping. You need to prepare some when camping in winter.
  3. Choose the right hot tent. The right tent can reduce your heat dissipation area and better maintain the temperature in the tent. A tent that is too large will require more heat to maintain the temperature balance in the tent.
  4. Fire cover, adding a fire cover to your furnace tube can reduce the damage of your coat by sparks.
  5. Prepare a bottle or other peeing device. I think you don’t want to untie your sleeping bag or hot shelter tent to pee at night.
  6. The double-layer sleeping pad can reduce your heat loss.
  7. Filtering device: The snow water for boiling snow needs to be filtered before drinking.
  8. Candles can bring light and heat to your canvas hot tent.
  9. The lithium battery is your first choice for camping in winter. The lithium batteries can work continuously at low temperatures.
  10. Vaseline is an essential item to prevent frostbite or burns.
  11. Choose a tent with good waterproof performance and good warmth.
  12. If your local winter temperature is very low, it is recommended that you use an Ultralight tent stove, which can provide heat and hot food for the tent.
  13. If you are not an outdoor expert, it is recommended that you camp with your friends. Camping with friends can be happier and safer.
  14. Wearing suitable clothes is especially important. Dress in layers. Wear less when exercising, and add more clothes when you stop exercising.


Hot Tent Camping Tips

  1. The ground is easy to lose heart. Please also add a blanket under you to reduce the loss of your temperature.
  2. Put the air in the sleeping bag, the air is easy to conduct heat and heat insulation. Putting air in a sleeping bag can increase heat insulation.
  3. If you drink beer at night, remember not to hold your bladder, and let it be.
  4. Do not put your head in the sleeping bag to sleep. When your head is in the sleeping bag, the breathing air will make the sleeping bag wet.
  5. Please be prepared in advance to deal with what is about to happen.
  6. Put your water reservoir upside down to reduce the possibility of freezing.
  7. Look for landmarks. Landmarks are the main markers for you to know the direction.
  8. When camping in winter, pay attention to hydrating yourself.


Pay attention to the principle:

After the camping is over, please take the garbage away.

Weather forecast

Weather forecast


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